What Makes VersaTiles Special?

We tried to make VersaTiles outstanding in every possible way.

High Quality
The VersaTiles image database currently contains about 145.000 high-quality pictures, and the number is increasing daily. Such a large amount of pictures is necessary to guarantee the outstanding quality of a resulting VersaTile. Using too few pictures might give only low-contrast results.
Large Size
High-quality pictures are also essential for professional large-size production. VersaTiles has no limits in database size nor picture size, thus making it possible to produce VersaTiles of almost any size, without compromising image quality.
For special cases, VersaTiles has the option of using specific techniques, like blending or contour enhancement, to improve the overall image quality of a resulting VersaTile. This may be useful for creating VersaTiles with customer supplied image databases with only a few hundred pictures, or for very low-contrast images.

Which Techniques are Available?

There are several techniques to improve the overall appearance of a VersaTile. Depending on image quality or special needs those techniques are applied to get excellent results.

A VersaTile is built by tiling a source image and substituting each tile by a picture from the image library (e.g. Explorer 23).
Random Tile Positioning
Instead of applying a grid to the source image (which gives a rectangular raster), tiles of different sizes are positioned randomly (e.g. Uluru).
The source and tiled image are combined by assigning a certain level of transparency to the tiled image. It can either be 'flat blending' throughout the whole picture, gradient blending (e.g. Earth), but also shaped (e.g. Strauss).
Contour Enhancement
This special technique enhances the contours of the resulting image. This is especially useful for low-contrast source images or if the source image contains many essential contours (e.g. Santa Claus).